Curator #50: Josep Maria Ganyet


Hi, my name is Josep M. Ganyet. I was born in Vic and raised in Tàrrega, in Catalonia’s far West. I moved to Barcelona when I was 17 to study computer science in the 1980s, when computer science was still math with a time-shared computer mainframe or a Sinclair ZX81 at home. It was as early as 1988 that I had the chance to connect to the internet, and I’m telling you, before the web, it was not all that fun.

I got my degree in Computer Engineering from the Autonomous University of Barcelona, specializing in Artificial Intelligence and have worked since then in Human Computer Interaction, design, teaching, and communication in companies such as IBM, Deutsche Bank, and Gotomedia or institutions such as the Autonomous University of Barcelona (UAB), the Open University of Catalonia (UOC) and the Pompeu Fabra University (UPF).

On the entrepreneurial side, over the years, I have created or taken part in several companies such as two web design studios, an archaelogical company and a startup for a jukebox mobile app. All of the companies are still active to date.

I have always actively taken part as online as a content creator. As early as 1998, while working for IBM in the USA, I wrote a pioneering ‘blog’ (it was based on Geocities) in which the adventures of a medieval knight in the United States (in Old Catalan) where narrated. Since then I have been active publishing in several blogs, photologs, tumblers or twitter accounts. Probably too many.

One of my main passions is radio. Listening to local talk radios, foreign radios, podcasts, you name it. When I was still a student I would listen to short wave radio stations as the BBC World Service, Radio Canada International, Radio Prague or Radio Vietnam. That was the first time I had the feeling of being connected to the World. One of the best experiences in life is listening to a distant radio station on a beach in a summer starry night.

At some point in life, in the distant 2000, two of my passions came together as I started a weekly column on a Radio Barcelona radio as an internet analyst. Since then I have been steadily working on radio and TV disseminating the values that make up the Internet. Some of the media I worked in are the top Catalan radio stations, Catalunya Ràdio and RAC1, and BTV, the local Barcelona TV.

Another of my main interests are languages and language learning. Over the years be it for interest, work or love, I’ve come to master six languages. My mother tongue, Catalan, plus Spanish, French, English, German and Italian. When I’m millionaire I’ll be travelling most of the time and while I’m at it learn some languages, write poetry and take lots of pictures.

Photography (what else) is also a passion of mine. It all started with a borrowed Canon Reflex film camera while I was 14 years old in a visit to Paris. We had some family arguments over the fact that I was taking too many pictures of things and too little candid family pictures. You can find the rest of the story on my Flickr page or on my Instagram page.

A little over a year ago I received the most advanced and accelerated social media and online marketing PhD one can ever get. I tweeted “Keep Calm and Speak Catalan” as a reaction to the Spanish law which priority was “to spanishize Catalan children”. The tweet went viral and got to the news and frontpage of some newspapers. The poster for the tweet went as far as the Spanish parliament and was shown to the education minister. The story was featured on the book What’s Up With Catalonia.

Currently, most of my time is spent directing the design studio, promoting the Soundkik  tartup, lecturing at the Universitat Pompeu Fabra  and talking on RAC1 radio and Barcelona TV. I’m also working on a book. I blog at and have a son and four cats.

I answer faster a tweet to @ganyet than message to Whatsapp.

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