Curator #49: Daniel Julià


Hi!, my name is Daniel Julia and I was born in Barcelona, where I’ve lived almost always , specifically in the Gracia district , but since few years ago I live in Badalona, a beautiful coastal village that is on the north of the big city.

My mother is from Sweden , where I usually go for holidays, seeking for nice landscapes and calm. Do you know that most people of Catalonia have ancestors from outside the country ? For instance the mother of my father was from Murcia , southern Spain. You could say that I am genetically only 25% Catalan ( the father of my father ), but I feel 100% Catalan , well, maybe just 90% , In fact I think I feel like most people here , whatever its origin .

What I do to earn my carobs? “Com em guanyo les garrofes?”, this is a catalan expression which means “What I do for a living”
Well, answering this question, I currently work as a web application developer for the small but not less important company Anna and I created,

Besides that I also a teach some classes on the subject , in Masters and postgraduate programs in different universities in Catalonia, such as UOC, UPF, Elisava or Eina

In addition to my job I have interests in the fields of environment and climate change , weather , and mountain hiking , for example in our fantastic Pyrenees . Kilian Jornet, the catalan great sportsman has defined Catalonia as a ” small country near the Pyrenees ,” I like this definition, Catalonia is quite small and much of the north is occupied by the mountains of the Pyrenees . Here we always say that on some times of the year , such as Easter , you can go sunbathing on the beach and in a short distance , around 100km , you can be skiing in the Pyrenees .
As a sport I go running every 2 or 3 days, here is also trendy as in the rest of the world.
I’m the father of a pretty teenager, Ada, who loves horses and wants to be a veterinarian.
I also love animals , now we have 2 cats at home , Basilio and Rosita and a blue head parrot Lolita . All of them (including my daughter) have facebook, twitter or Instagram. Maybe due to the profession of their parents.

I am very happy to be part of the Catalan voices and I hope to share many wonderful things about our country and its people


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