Curator #47: Iztok Potokar

As an enthusiast of history, political sciences, and, particularly, international relations, I sometimes find myself thinking I’m a fortunate person: I have the opportunity to live a process of independence from the inside for the second time. The cases of my home country, Slovenia, and that of nowadays’ Catalonia have, in my opinion, more differences than similarities. However, they do share a common denominator of a democratic struggle for self-determination. Be it as it may, due to the two-axis model of political values (traditional left-right ideological axis in addition to the Catalan-Spanish national axis) I find the Catalan politics as a laboratory for anyone interested in political science.

Nonetheless, my interest in politics goes way beyond the Catalan-Spanish frame, which is also why I actively participate in a project intended to explain the world of international affairs in a more comprehensible way: United Explanations. Globalization has made us much more exposed to changes of international context(s) and we try to participate actively in contributing to global awareness of citizens. We started with this fast-growing project back in 2010 together with some colleagues of the international relations master’s degree I took shortly after my definite arrival to Barcelona, in 2008.

On a more personal level, I’m the happy husband of Anna (who is the main reason I endep up in Barcelona in the first place) and a proud daddy to our 2 year-old son Luka. I like reading, watching Barça matches and taking my bicycle for a ride, although it’s safe to say that spending time with my family is my main hobby :)

I’m active on twitter since 2011 (@iztok_potokar) where I share my views in English, Catalan and Spanish language. During my week as the @CatalanVoices curator I will tweet about my daily routine in Barcelona, about Catalonia and about the world in general.
Let’s get started!


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