Curator #45: Manu Sabaté

Barcelona 08-01-2014 Concert de Inxa Impro Quartet al Jamboree. Foto Pere Monés


I’m Manu Sabaté, I’m a musician, I’m 24 and I come from Sants, one of Barcelona´s neighborhood that 100 years ago was an independent town, but part of my family is from Reus and nowadays I’m living between Barcelona and Helsinki (Finland) not because of the food or the weather: I’m studying here a master degree at Sibelius Akademy in Global Music (

I graduated the 2012 with a bachelors degree at ESMUC (Escola Superior de Música de Catalunya) majoring myself in Gralla, a folk oboe from Catalonia, and with Clarinet and Bass Clarinet as side instruments. So as you can imagine my live turns pretty much around the music, especially folk music, from Catalonia and the rest of the world.

I play in a band (in fact, it’s my band) called Inxa Impro Quartet; we have made a recording called All that trad, where we explore the boundaries between Folk and Jazz: we use the traditional melodies and then we improvise them, kind of using the Jazz structures but with Folk material. Check it out here:

Besides my musical background I have an other passion: to eat good food and to drink good wine (yeah, Mediterranean cliché of food and wine it’s real); in fact each time I’m in Barcelona I return Helsinki with Olive oil, coffee and ham. When I’m at “home”, after having got some food to bring it back to Helsinki, I try to be active in cultural associations that usually are related to Catalan traditions and… music.

So I’ll be tweeting about my next week: how is the life of a music student in the cold north that has his body in Helsinki and his soul between Finland and Catalonia.


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