Curator #44: Álvaro Canelo

CatalanVoices Perfil

Hello everybody!

My name is Álvaro Canelo, I am 28-year-old and almost an engineer. With a Peruvian family background, I was raised in Tortosa, a small town in the South of Catalonia (but in the center of the so-called “Països Catalans”), just by the lowest strech of the river Ebre.

Currently, after having lived in Lima (Perú), Tortosa, Barcelona and Manchester, I am back to Barcelona. I came to this city some years ago to study Telecommunication Engineering at the Universitat Politècnica de Catalunya, and really felt I fit here. Now my goal is to run a business I’ve just started with a lifelong friend, to finish my given-up degree, and to enjoy again the hustle and bustle of this city.

Although my everyday diet doesn’t reflect it, I’m devoted to food (yeah, that’s a cliché for Mediterraneans). Unfortunately, as I come from an immigrant family, sometimes I think I haven’t learnt well enough how to cook (and do it properly) neither Peruvian nor Catalan recipes, so now I’m trying to learn a couple of them every month, chasing locals to give me the tricks.

My passion and full-time distraction is listening to music. Music, music, music, music, music. My mother and half-musician “infected” me with the music virus when I was a really young kid, and I wish I’ll never heal.

I spent 14 months in Manchester that were quite nice, but it was just a gap year. I’m too stuck to the way we relate to people here, so it had to have an ending. It couldn’t be better explained than with a “colla castellera”. In these teams, we build human towers for the festivities, but it could be also seen as a kind of micro-society made of completely different people, but all working for a common goal and interacting among them. If castells didn’t exist, someone would have to invent them.

So I’ll be tweeting about music I listen to, music I play, some technological gadgets, castellers, studies, jobs, migration, Catalonia and urban cycling. This week looks quite interesting to me, so let’s enjoy it :D


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