Curator #43: Roser Massanas


Hi! My name is Roser Massanas (@rosermassanas) and I’m from Girona, a small city in the northeast of Catalunya, where I’ve always lived. I’m a lawyer and I work as a civil servant.

I love my country and my city. It is said that people from Girona are really proud of our city and so am I. I like walking around my city and the whole region. For me Girona, the region, is like a paradise, we can enjoy some of the best beaches in the Mediterranean, the Costa Brava, and also the Pyrenees, some medieval villages, awesome nature and wildlife, good museums, tasty food…

I also have the chance of doing lots of activities. I love it. Since I was a child my timetable has been really full, and now in my early thirties it still is.
As you will see this week, culture, especially traditional culture, is one of my passions. I’m in group of theatre, in a group of traditional dance and in different organizations in my city and in the area around.

During this week I’ll try to show you where I live and what I do in my daily routine, especially all those traditional activities. I hope you enjoy it. I’m really thrilled of being curator of @CatalanVoices! What an amazing project! It’s such an honor!


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