Curator #42: Marc Palahi

MarcPalahiMy name is Marc Palahi. I was born in Barcelona and now I live in Joensuu, a city at the eastern part of Finland and a few kilometers from Russia. I am married to Irina (who is from St Petersburg) and we have three children.

It is not the first time that I live in Finland, as I studied and work already in Joensuu from 1998 to 2002, when I made my Master and Doctoral studies on Forest Sciences, among other things…

Currently I am the Deputy Director of the European Forest Institute which is an International organization dealing with Forest research and policy advice at European level. We moved from Barcelona (where I was the Head of the Mediterranean Office of our Institute) to Joensuu during last May and for the moment the adaptation of the family has been quite good. Natalia (6 years) and Marc (3 years) already understand Finnish language and have made good friends in the neighborhood. They go to a Finnish kinder garden which is just across the street and also are learning ice skating and Nordic skiing. We have a nice house near a lake and a forest (the two most common land uses in Finland) and we enjoy very much the clean air and water and the lack of noise… Finnish winter is an incredible experience!

My work requires quite a lot of travelling around Europe which is a bit of an effort being located in such remote area. However, coming back to this quiet corner of the continent is very rewarding… Finland is a good place to find yourself! The thing I miss most here is watching Barça… I bought a TV package that promised the Spanish League but finally they cancelled it… Now even I am willing to pay big amounts of money I cannot find any arrangement to follow my team… For the moment I manage it following the Catalan Radio.

It seems that I will be this weeks Catalan’s voice curator, where I will do my best to give you some information on what is going on here (in case something is going on) and what does a Catalan family do in the Boreal zone in winter…


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