Curator #39: Lluis Ferré

lluisMy name is Lluis Ferre i Nadal. I come from a traditional Catalan family, with 4 siblings.

My mother is a true Barcelonina, from l’Eixample .. I learned from her the love to her city and the respect to hard working people. It all comes from work. My father was from Torroja, a small village in el Priorat. From him, I learned to love the land and its people, work hard and be a good person. My grandparents showed me to love our country, in times where being a Catalan was a hardship due to Franco ruling in Spain.

I am married to Gloria, who is from Mexico … my older brother is married to a US lady … while my younger brother is married to a Polish lady … so I guess we are true Catalans but with a view of the world!

Born in Barcelona, I currently live in Singapore, one of the most vibrant countries in the world. Things happen here … every day! I have spent more than 13 years living abroad… I have lived in Holland, Germany, Switzerland, USA, England … and now Singapore

I have learned how other countries work, how other countries lived and how much I was proud to be a Catalan.

One of my colleagues in Madrid told me, in 98, when I was on my way to Germany… “once in Germany, you will become a Spanish as you will realize the distance makes you closer to us than Catalonia, we are bigger” … Well, it didn’t happen .. In all the companies I have worked for, they know me as the Catalan. I always explain the Catalan case everytime I can

My job has allowed me to visit many places in the world, where I find respect to my ideas. This a world of people that wants to live together!!!

I have travelled to many countries in the world … I have visited the vast majority of Spain … and I love it all.

So I am honored to be this weeks Catalan’s voice curator, where I will try to explain what happens in Asia and how it relates to Catalonia current realities.


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