Curator #38: Marta Ruiz


Hi! My name is Marta Ruiz  and, as other people who have been curator for @CatalanVoices, I am journalist. I was born in Barcelona in 1979 and, after seven years working at La Xarxa , last year I decided to study a Master in Corporate Communications at the IDEC. Thanks, partially, to this master I ended up having a second job –besides my job in Barcelona at La Xarxa- in the quiet and small village of Vallbona de les Monges (in L’Urgell).

Vallbona, my mother’s village, is only 100 habitants aproximately. The village is famous for the Monastery built in the twelfth century and cared since then for cistercian nuns. But I don’t work at the Monastery! I work at L’Olivera that is a small social integration cooperative that grows grapes and olives to produce high quality wines and olive oils. I give them a hand with the corporate communications, and this is a big joy for me because I have seen this project growing since I was a child (they started in 1974!). Because of that, I often go to Vallbona de les Monges.

But I also work at La Xarxa. This is a multimedia platform created by Diputació de Barcelona  to support the local audiovisual media, such as local radio stations and local televisions. I work there as ENG (Electronic News-Gathering). ENG means, in fact, that I write, record and edit the video with a camera. So, sometimes my voice appears on the news in TV! That’s a good job because combines writing and photography, two of the things that I love most. Now, I am working there at the weekends, so on Saturday and Sunday I will show you how it is from inside.

Besides, this week I would like to show you my favourite places in L’Urgell and part of my daily life in Barcelona. To be honest I am a bit nervous of being the 38th curator of this amazing project. I don’t think that my life is as interesting as the others curators, but I will try not boring you. I hope not to make a lot of mistakes with my English!


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