Curator #36: Albert Maza

Albert Maza Catalan Voices

Hi! My name is Albert Maza (@AlbertMaza_9) and I’m a 17 year old guy. I live in Barcelona and, although suffering from huge traffic jams every morning, I feel as if I’m living in the coolest city in the world.

 My institute’s located in Collserola, a mountain range that separates Barcelona from the Vallès plain, and it seems like we are studying in the middle of the forest despite being 15 minutes away from Plaça Catalunya, the center of the city. Currently, I’m taking my final academic year before starting university. As this is my last year in school, I’ve been asked to do a research project of a free election topic. In my case, I’ve chosen to study the international vision of the Catalan process of independence.

 During the upcoming week, one of my main goals is to get in touch with people from around the world and know their beliefs and their knowledge about the Catalan issue. What information is received through the newspapers, what is the political ideology hidden in the articles, etc… In conclusion, what do people know about the journey that Catalonia has just begun.

 Apart from that, I think it will be interesting for the @CatalanVoices followers to read the opinions of a Catalan student (that studies in a Catalan school) about the different issues that appear in the media everyday in our country like the linguistic issue, the nationalist issue, etc.. I’m a curious boy, interested in the present, and I love to discuss political, social and cultural aspects of Catalonia and the globe.

 In addition, I love photography and I’ll try to show you the views of my world through pictures, as well as post my favourite Catalan music.

 All in all, I want to thank you for the opportunity, I’m willing to learn lots of things with this amazing experience and I hope I won’t bother you much with the thoughts of a random teenager ;).

 See you soon!


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