Curator #33: Jordina Sala-Branchadell

jo munyint la Jougeotte

My name is Jordina and I am very happy to be this week’s curator of @Catalanvoices. I still wonder who nominated me for this task but I thank them for the invitation and hope you all find my contributions interesting.

 I am currently the person in charge of the Catalan Studies programme in the Department of Modern Languages at the University of Exeter (UK) and, in a way, I could say that my daily grind is like a full-time  long-term version of this Catalanvoices experience. I consider myself just one of those lucky lecturers who have the wonderful opportunity to introduce our language to a few young British undergraduates and share with them some good literature and other interesting aspects of Catalan culture. I must admit that I have had great fun listening to the student’s interpretation of a short story by Quim Monzó, reading certain rousing passages of Tirant lo Blanch in the classroom or debating on Maria Mercè Marçal’s famous triple quotation, but at the end of the day, what I find most rewarding of my job is to see how some of my students have become fond of the language and appreciate Catalan culture without reservations.

 However, I also must confess to you that I lead some sort of a double life (as the picture above suggests). And even though I work in academia half of the year, I also undergo a curious metamorphosis as soon as the examination period is over. Then I rush to the Swiss mountains where my partner works as a cowboy (seriously!) and I help him to clean stables, milk a small herd of goats and make fresh goat’s cheese that he sells in the local market. You can imagine that summers are quite wild and rusty compared to my serious English winters,  but I do think it is a good and healthy balance on the overall.

 Finally, this week I will be tweeting about the things I normally tweet at @jordinasb85: Catalan culture, events, current affairs and teaching Catalan as a foreign language specially in the UK. I will also try, as far as I can, to answer your enquiries and petitions, of course.

 See you all at @Catalanvoices!


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