Curator #32: Oriol Lladó

Roundhouse Center, Chalk Farm. Camden.

I am one of many journalists who exercise the profession at a time of many transitions. My profession is in the process of deep, deep change, which sometimes is frightening, sometimes amazing. Some days, I feel like traveling at the speed of sound from the bit to the paper, waveing goodbye to the journalist who once believed that his job was to issue verdict, saying hello to a new journalist, whom somehow is realising that his job is to engage with a global conversation without end, stimulating, confusing but also full of oportunities.

 Certanly, journalism i’ts not the only thing changing nowadays. ;-) In fact, journalism is evolving because society is. We want to know more and more, because many of us are convinced that information is a tool to change things.
Catalonia, also living a so-called national transition, has a huge communication challenge . How to tell the world that our desire to be a regular country is not against anyone? How can we explain that we want to be independent because it is our way to be more committed to the idea of an stronger and powerful Europe. How to make clear that what encourages us is difference and diversity, that we are building a project for everyone. A better democracy, a more participatory one.
I live in Badalona (here‘s my photo galery), a big city at the outskirts of Barcelona. Here’s where the political debate must be more serene and clever. Empathy it’s crucial here. We’re and industrial city, painfully touched by the recession.
My career began as a local reporter for El Punt, at my hometown, soon to specialize in environmental issues and new technologies working as a freelance for a variety of media. I was the managing editor of, one of refereed environmental media in the country.
I run a blog since 2005 and an active Twitter account since 2008 (@oriolllado). I’m also present on various social networks.

I was Omnium Cultural Badalona president for almost 10 years and today co-direct the Blues&Ritmes musical event.


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