Curator #29: Jordi Baró


In the portrait above, the Catalan-Israeli photographer Maoz Eliakim has captured precisely my attitude in life: I don’t talk a lot but I’m always looking around for interesting stories. I’m Jordi Baró Ruibal, I’m 29 and –as you may have guessed- I’m a journalist. At the Catalan public radio station Catalunya Ràdio, I work as a local news editor and presenter covering the Tarragona area and I have also dealt with political and economic affairs in Barcelona. As a freelance journalist, I have written articles for the La Vanguardia newspaper, which have been published in the Tarragona supplement and mainly focus on wine and food. Although I’ve been working for almost 10 years in my profession, I still get a kick out of it.

I’m interested in new challenges in Catalonia or abroad and last year I took part in a talent hunting programme for Catalan and Chinese young entrepreneurs jointly organized by the Tarragona city council and the University Rovira i Virgili, with the collaboration of Casa Asia. This course broadened my mind and encouraged me to start new professional projects.

I was born in Reus, a medium-sized cultural city, where I also live with my partner but, to be honest, we spend as little time as possible in our home town! I adore travelling and I always try to mix with locals, even If it means sharing a bus with hens and sheep in Morocco or staying in an almost ruined house in Havana.

Let’s start talking and having interesting conversations! I’m relatively active in social networks and I’d like to share my passion for journalism. It will be also a pleasure to practise the English I’ve learnt through years of lessons with a very patient British-Indian teacher. I hope I won’t make a lot of mistakes! You can follow me on Twitter (@jordibaro).


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