Curator #27: Marisa Martínez

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“In any democratic society, unlike a dictatorship, it is not the law that determines the will of citizens, but this latter that modifies, if needed, the law” (July,7th,2010 , Court of Justice in The Hague about Kosovo)

I live with excitement and also contained joy the political moment of Catalonia. And I desire to my country, Catalonia, to be the new State of Europe it deserved.

Because I believe that the 1977 Spanish Constitution has yet no room for us now. More even our last attempt to incardinate ourselves in Spain, that ended with the cut that Spain did to our late Estatut, even after being approved in Catalonian referendum, and ratified by Catalonia Parliament by wide majority. Spain mocked us then, because some articles of Estatut were identical to other autonomic laws..that remained untouched. A Spain that denies us also a basic democratic rule: the right of decide our future.

I’ll present myself: architect, middle-aged, Gemini (although I do not believe in astrology…). I’m a huge fan of FC Barcelona soccer team, and I like and played sports, and still do alpine skiing. I rode bikes (a hobby almost abandoned after the crash origin of my usual Twitter nick). I like nature a lot, and can say without false modesty that I’m a fantastic wild mushroom hunter.

I draw, sometimes I paint. I’m not very gifted for music ( I do not play any instrument, and was never a really good singer) although I  like that the music accompanies me and I’m eclectic on that, but the Blues ( old New Orleans ) and the Boss are special. I like to read a lot, prose, poetry, books of essay, of history, ..of all. I like maths (sound strange, isn’t it?). I like animals a lot, having actually a female dog, Perla, rescued from the street. I’m an environmentalist from many years ago.

I’ve the honor of being this week curator of @CatalanVoices Twitter account!! And hope to be able to be at the level of my previous fellows here.

140 characters are too short space to share with you my deep love for my country, its vindications,  its inner landscapes, its Architecture, its Literature, and all of the beauty Catalonia treasures. But I’ll try my best!

After this, you can follow me at @M_BrokenLeg account.

Ah!…Almost forgot! I was born in Madrid, from Spaniard family…So, I’m a good example of Catalonia generous ability to integrate and welcome people of all origins!!


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