Curator #23: Àlex Castells


Hello, how are you? I’m Àlex Castells Ulldemolins. 32 years old catalan guy. 

But, is the age really important?

“I love the project, I want to be a part of it!”. Yes!

This is what I said to my flatmate when I discovered it.

And now, when the day arrived, I only can say three things. I’m happy and excited be have the opportunity for being a curator of Catalan voices. I’ll try to do my best in order to transmit the Catalan culture. I hope you enjoy with all the information I share in my own style, same that I’m sure I will enjoy it.

But first, let’s see who I am.

Granollers, Vic, Rotterdam, Barcelona. Past and present!

Born in the city Granollers (half an hour of Barcelona), I’m going to study Business Administration in the university of Vic. After some courses there I change the cold but nice city for Rotterdam, where I spend one unforgettable year. This year studying Marketing thanks of the Erasmus Programme gives me the opportunity to learn a lot of things. Living with people from around the world gives me the opportunity to learn new cultures. And this opens my mind a lot. I consider to live abroad very important for grow up the mind. After this lovely experience, I go this fantastic city which is Barcelona.

Marketing, digital, social media, writing, photography. Professionally!

After my studies of international marketing I worked in some companies here in Catalonia. Is there years ago when I decide to change the offline for the on-line. Thanks of my passion for Internet and the new technologies, now I do what I love. Helping companies in their on-line strategy for being visible in Internet.

I don’t understand the life without travelling. Love Couchsurfing!

When I was 10 years old I visited six European countries in 14 days. At this trip I found out I really wanted to travel everywhere, but in a different way.

Travel is see new places. But for me, above all, travel is stay in one place and talk with local people, eat and drink, enjoy every moment without watch.

And this is what I did in so many places, in so many ways. Travelling two months around Asia. Working one summer in a pub of Edinburgh. Spending one month in a work-camp near Rome. And many others trips in Vietnam, Thailand, Argentina, United States and the almost all the countries of Europe.

When I’m in Barcelona I share this traveller passion as a member of Couchsurfing community. I love to maintain this traveller mentality, even I stay here in Barcelona.

I love people who loves to eat. Vermut Barcelona, Nyam!

Time stops for me at the moment of eating. I feel lucky to be from a region with excellent traditional food. I like to cook but what I really enjoy is going in a local and seedy bars. Great food in a informal way. I use to meet with people who also shares this gastronomy passion and We have a good time. I also created a community of, the social and traditional act of the aperitif before lunch. Uff, I’m so hungry now…!

Sports. F.C.Barcelona. Basketball… I love this game!

When I was 4 years old I started to throw a ball of basketball. Here it begins my love for this amazing sport, which I played many years at different teams. And I saw a thousands of matches. Now I just play with my friends for fun. And I’m also a basketball coach.
I also like sports in general (except motor-sports). And I’m a Barça Supporter. It’s fun to see the matches of our Barça with all the people. And celebrate all the championships we won last years. Força Barça i  Visca Catalunya!

The Theatre and the sense of humour, jajaja!

I consider the sense of humour an essential quality of a person. If I am funny? I prefer You tell me at the end of this week, jajaja. I’m an amateur actor of a group of theatre called Helena Teatre. We make our shows in a place located in Gracia District, which is where I live. And I love to live there, nice cosy area not far from the center of the city.

One week can be a lot of time

Well, I have much more things to explain about me, but no space here now. Creativity, Open-mind, Freedom, Fun, Knowledge, Adventure, Hyper-Active can be other words that definite a bit of me. But if You want to find my real definition in Internet this is my blog There I share most of my thoughts, places I go, things I do and much more.

But come on, I’ll twit during this week for @CatalanVoices! :) Thanks for the opportunity, I’ll do my best for transmit my vision of all the things about Catalonia, which is a lot.

Ah! and in Twitter I’m @enJason ;)


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