Curator #22: Xavier Aldeguer


My name is Xavier Aldeguer. I am an MD PhD specialized in gut and liver diseases with major focuses on inflammatory bowel diaseases and the role of bacterial flora. I have been living for some years in Philadelphia as a research fellow and I spent time in Marseille, France and Galveston,Texas to acquire the skills on new endoscopy technics to be applied in my hospital.
While a student I spent some months in Cairo’s and Bolivia’s La Paz hospitals,respectively, and I was an Erasmus student in Essen, Germany.

Currently, I am the head of Department of Gastroenteorlogy in Girona major public hospital.
Besides my everyday job I live with a lot of excitement the political moment in Catalonia.

First, for the optimism is pumping into our people otherwise dull if we see our current economical and political horizons inside Spain.

Secondly, I see our independence as a real chance to work out a new way of doing things. In my field, it will be a real possibility to re-think our health system and make it self-sustainable.

Furthermore, being already a center of biomedical research, I think that the tools a state provides may help to truly consolidate us a world research center and complete it with something we are not as good at, biotechnology transfer to the economy.

During this week, I’ll be sharing with you some of my thoughts on Catalonia and some aspects of Catalonia’s health public system and biomedical research.


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