Curator #21: Anton Gordillo

Anton Gordillo 2013 013

My name is Anton Gordillo (@antongordillo) and I was born in Barcelona in 1965. I studied Engineering in the Universitat Politècnica de Catalunya, Barcelona Tech. Later I developed my Ph. D. In the area of Materials Science while I started to teach and research at the university .
In 2007 I joined to the community of monks in Montserrat Abbey (Abadia de Montserrat). This monastery is located in a singular mountain near Barcelona and it was founded in the early XI century. Many people considered this shrine as the spiritual heart of Catalonia, and nearly two and a half million people visit us every year.

Currently, my life is based on three pillars: prayers, relationship with other monks and pilgrims, and work. Currently, I am a technical coordinator of Montserrat TV / Montserrat Ràdio, the radio and television produced in Montserrat. Every day several thousand people can hear and view our prayer of Lauds and Vespers through the radio or Internet; and on Sundays people can also follow the Conventual Mass of Montserrat via television. I collaborate in the production of several videos per week about Montserrat.


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