Curator #19: Adrià Alsina


Hello world!
My name is Adrià Alsina Leal (@adriaalsina). I was born in 1982 in Barcelona, my father being Catalan and my mother Portuguese. This dual identity and being a trilingual native certainly defined my two lifelong passions: Communication and international relations.

At the age of 14 I gatecrashed a free radio in Barcelona just by saying that I’d do anything they needed. After that, I worked for all types of media oultlets while I finished my undergrads in Political Science and Journalism.

In 2007, I was accepted at a Government-sponsored training program, which included a master’s degree in Communication and International Trade in Madrid and a one year time job as head of communication of the Spanish Trade Commission Office in Sao Paulo, Brazil.

That year in Brazil opened my eyes to the developing world, and to middle-income countries in general, which are currently home to over half of the world’s population. Ever since, I have worked for a number of multilateral organizations, such as the OECD, the African Development Bank and the Inter-American Development Bank in different countries across the globe.

As of July 2013, I am a communication consultant for the International Finance Corporation (IFC) within the World Bank Group. I live in Washington (or “DC” as the locals call it), and try to navigate my way through the American capital as much as I keep my ties with Latin America.

I believe the Catalan process will define Europe’s future. Shall we find out together?


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