Curator #18: David Poblador i Garcia


Hi there,

I’m David, and the opportunity to curate the Catalan Voices account really thrills me.

Everyone in my family comes from Extremadura, a region in the south west of Spain. I was born in Barcelona almost 33 years ago, I spent the first 18 years of my life living in the county of Vallès Oriental, one of the most industrial areas around Barcelona. First, I lived in La Llagosta, and when I was 7 I moved to Mollet del Vallès. Soon after turning 18 I moved to Barcelona, where I spent more than 12 years before moving to Stockholm, Sweden.

I’ve been involved since the late nineties in different free software movements, and enjoy attending events and meetups across the globe to share my experiences and visions on technology and how it can help our world to progress and improve everyone’s life.

In 1999, I started up an Internet company with only 83000 pesetas in what many people thought that would be a crazy idea. However, things went really well, and I had the chance to meet many people working with technology in Catalonia. 7 years later I was ready to move onto new challenges, and I worked in several internet startups holding tech leadership roles.

In 2011, my dream of being able to move abroad and experience a new culture and learn a new language came true, and I was offered the possibility to join the Operations team at Spotify. I am currently leading the Site Reliability Engineering team. The team is responsible for ensuring the music never stops playing.

I’ve been able to learn Swedish and I’m enjoying life in the cold Scandinavia. I don’t see myself coming back to Catalonia anytime soon. However, I stay connected with the Catalan day to day life more than ever before in this transcendental and exciting moment of our history.

I’m longing for sharing my tales through @CatalanVoices!

You can also follow me on my personal twitter account @davidpoblador.


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