Curator #17: Miquel Strubell

20100511 - 10051104

Though born in England 64 years ago, I’ve lived in Barcelona just over half my life. I work as a lecturer for the Universitat Oberta de Catalunya, where I also direct the Chair in Multilingualism. We’ve specialised in research on multilingualism in families and in companies.

Before that I spent 19 exhilirating years working in the language planning department of the government of Catalonia, the Generalitat.

If you twitter at all, you may have come across me as @mstrubell or in my English avatar @mstrubell_EN. I’m constantly on the lookout for interesting tweets on #Catalonia!

I’m also blogmaster of and

I live in Barcelona with my wife. But we usually spend weekends on the Costa Brava: Carme is from the port of Palamós. Our kids are in their twenties and they’re more or less emancipated.

I am firmly committed to Catalonia’s freedom, so get ready for a bumpy ride this week!


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