Curator #16: Anna Colom



I’m Anna and it is a pleasure to curate the Catalan Voices twitter account for a week.

I was born in Terrassa, a city not far from Barcelona and known for being one of the engines of the Industrial Revolution in Catalonia during the nineteenth century and a hub for the textile industry for many years after. I always remember my grandma telling me how one could hear the sound of the looms from the many textile factories while walking the streets of Terrassa. She used to work in one of those factories, many years ago…

That period left an impressive collection of chimneys that have remained as heritage sites after the factories were demolished. This includes a chimney that in 1991 was considered the tallest in the world. What also remains is a rich collection of buildings belonging to the architectural style of the Catalan version of the Art Nouveau, called ‘Modernisme’. I have lived most of my life very close to one of these impressive buildings.

In addition to a rich history, Terrassa has a rich social fabric. It is difficult to know anyone that is not involved in a cultural, social, political, sports or any other sort of association. This includes myself and the number of organisations I have been involved with is too long to list!

I studied journalism at the Universitat Autònoma de Barcelona (UAB) and worked in TV and radio for over 6 years. I then had the opportunity to move to London, where I studied a masters in international development at SOAS.

I stayed in London to pursue my career and I am now working at an NGO that uses media and communication for social change and international development.

In between all this, I also studied documentary filmmaking and worked as a filmmaker for a few years, which allowed me to learn from inspiring people from many different cultures and to share their stories hoping it would inspire others too. You can see some of my work here:

Being far from home is a strange feeling but social media is great and allows me to stay connected to the current social movements taking place in Catalonia.

I look forward to sharing lots of interesting stories through @CatalanVoices. See you there!

You can also follow me at @Anna_Colom


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