Curator #14: Cesc Clapés


Hi everybody!

My name is Cesc Clapés a 38-year-old guy who was born in one of the most beautiful as well as comfortable places in Europe: El Montseny, a mountain biosphere reserve. Half an hour away from Barcelona, half an hour away from Girona, half an hour away from the top peak called “el Turó de l’Home” (1,714 meters) and 20 minutes away from the beach.

I was raised in a town called Sant Celoni where I lived until I moved to Llinars del Vallès.

One important thing is that I have always loved sports (and I still do). I played roller hockey for 15 years. Now running is the best sport I can do as it can be done anywhere you go. As I travel a lot for business it is the best option, indeed.

Another passion I have is music. In my youth I used to spend entire weekends DJing … not a big thing but as I was playing music from the 70s to the early millennium years I learned a lot about music and I fell in love with it. When I say music I mean almost all kinds: Rock&Roll , pop , jazz , house, etc. . And I am an unconditional fan of the Boss (aka Bruce Springsteen).

I studied chemistry at university which I did not finish. It seems I was not meant to be a scientist; plus the fact that I got tired of the damn periodic table of elements !

I realized I was much more into interpersonal relationships and that is why I chose to become a sales man.

Currently, I am the managing director of the Iberian subsidiary of an Italian steel processing company which, despite the weak market demand, is making all the achievable efforts in order to deliver around 80,000 tons of steel per year in Spain and Portugal. Moreover, the company is the global number 1 manufacturer of carbon steel welded tubes and one of the top stainless tubes producers.

My previous job experiences relates to the field of textile export which gave the amazing opportunity of doing business all over the world. I traveled to all continents where I have met and talked to people from very different places, traditions, languages and cultures.

During these conversations I have never missed the chance of telling people the truth about Catalonia and its 1,000-old-year history.

I love being with my family, going out with friends and travelling. When I can do these three things all together I am the happiest man in the world!

I expect to get old enough to retire in a very peaceful, “secret place” in the heart of the Montseny area … provided my parents do not decide to give up their cottage there. The older I get less do I like crowded places.

The biggest worry I have right now, as a Catalan, is the legacy we will leave for the future generations, starting with our sons. I am convinced there is only one decent way: being a new country in the world. So let’s make it happen!

During my week as a curator of @CatalanVoices, I will explain as many things as I can (and know) about this unique place in Europe which is Montseny biosphere reserve.

I invite you to “get stranded” in this beautiful part of the world whenever you can.



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