Curator #11: Miquel Ferret

Miquel Ferret CV

Hi everybody!
My name is Miquel Ferret (@miquelferret) and I was born in Vilafranca del Penedès, Catalonia, in 1971. Vilafranca is not only my hometown, but also the place where I live with my partner and children.
The Penedès area, centred on its capital Vilafranca del Penedès, is a beautiful region close to Barcelona (one hour by car or train). It has a little bit of everything you need for a pleasant live. It’s well known for its landscape, wines, culture and traditions. A place you shouldn’t miss when you visit the capital of Catalonia.
I studied Political Sciences and International Relations at Universitat Autònoma de Barcelona specialising in Public Administration and Cultural Management. I strongly believe in true democracy and I think Catalan citizens have the right to vote in a referendum and choose their own future in peace and freedom.
I love to travel, visit exotic countries, meet new people and learn from them. I like history, art, music, cinema, gastronomy and soccer, especially when FC Barcelona plays in the Camp Nou.
But my true passion is castells, the Catalan tradition of building human towers. Since 1985 I have been a member of the biggest human tower team in the world: Castellers de Vilafranca ( We are also known as Els Verds (Catalan for “the greens”) due to the colour of our shirts (Twitter @verds). I had the honour of being the president of this unique -half sport, half cultural- Catalan association for four years.
During one week on @catalanvoices it will be a pleasure for me to explain you a lot of things about this impressive Catalan tradition. You will see that everybody can become a part of our human tower team; there are no limits or restrictions. The castellers are common people from all ages doing extraordinary things.
From now on you are all invited to come to Vilafranca del Penedès and experience live how we build these spectacular human towers. Come and join in!


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