Curator #9: Jose Antonio Donaire

jadonaire (3)

My name is José Antonio Donaire (44) and I am a geographer. I live on the Costa Brava where I have the good fortune to hear the sound of the waves every morning. Everyone thinks they live in the best place in the world, but in my case I really think it’s true.

My grandparents, my parents, my brothers and my uncles are all teachers. I am too. My passion is teaching and research. I work at the Faculty of Tourism at the University of Girona and I am the director of INSETUR, the Institute of Tourism Studies. I like studying tourism but even more than that, I like being a tourist.

For me happiness is flying somewhere new.

Before working at the University, I was a waiter, a chef, an accountant, and … a politician. Yes, we all have a past. Besides being elected councillor in the city council, I have been an MP (Member of Parliament) in the Parliament of Catalonia for two terms.

I trust in the possibilities of social networks and collaborative intelligence. In the Catalan Parliament, I stood for deliberative politics. At the university, I try to apply the concept of university 2.0. In addition, I manage several blogs, and I am very active on social networks.

I don’t t care much about debating borders. I’m more interested in what Catalonia can bring to the world and what we can learn from it.

I believe in contact and exchange opportunities.


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