Curator #8: Violeta Camarasa


Hi everyone!

My name is Violeta Camarasa (@VioletaCamarasa), I’m 31 and I’m a communication consultant with a passion for the Internet. I’m from Valencia, we speak Catalan there too and many of us feel culturally attached to Catalonia where I currently live.

I believe the Internet represents a communication and knowledge revolution that will entirely transform the world as we know it. I guess that’s the reason why I joined Global Voices Online, an international community of bloggers linking citizens from all over the globe, and became the editor of the Catalan version.

At Global Voices we build bridges between cultures. And that’s what we did on 11 September 2012, when Catalonia celebrated its National Day with a huge pro-independence rally that brought together 1.5 million people. I didn’t sleep a wink that day: I was based in Hong Kong (China) by that time, so I had to ignore the clock in order to cover the protest online.

That day we published a post explaining what was happening to the global audience, which was translated into 8 languages, Chinese and Macedonian among them. Then, I spent the night live translating tweets from the participants in the rally and calling the media attention. Our efforts had good results: some days after that, Al Jazeera’s TV show The Stream broadcasted a debate on the issue.

I’m devoted, both personally and professionally, to take the most out of the opportunities that the Internet offers for global communication. After several years working for communication agencies and two years studying and working in Hong Kong, now I’m based in Barcelona, where I’m starting my own business as a freelance with a focus on digital communication strategies and international communication projects.

This week on @CatalanVoices, I’ll be sharing links and thoughts both on the dynamic Catalan blogosphere, the general communication landscape and my daily tasks at Global Voices Català (@GlobalVoicesCat). Hope you’ll find them interesting!


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