Curator #2: Sonia Casas


Hi everyone! It’s a real pleasure to be sharing tweets with you this week! My name is Sonia Casas, I’m 35 and I’m a journalist. I was born in Barcelona’s Gràcia district, when this quarter, now so cool and trendy, was a very quiet and traditional place. Its sudden transformation exemplifies the huge changes that catalans have faced during the last decades.

However, I have not always lived in Barcelona. I started my professional career in Rio de Janeiro, as a correspondent for Catalunya Radio ( in Latin America. While I lived in Brazil, I also worked for CNN en Español, and later, upon returning to Europe, for TV3 (, the national television of Catalonia.

Finally, I decided to work in written press. Now I’m the Chief Editor of the history magazine Sàpiens (, a publication in Catalan which has become a reference in its field. Its success is build upon two keys: first, to present history as an entertaining tale and second, fill the historical gaps that some generations of Catalans have about their own history because of the censorship during Franco’s dictatorship.

Thus, one of the distinctive features of Sàpiens has been the recovery of the history of Catalonia and Spain during the 20th century, still full of taboos and open wounds, but also other key periods like the war of the Spanish Succession in the 18th century or even beyond, in the Middle Ages.

Since last fall, we are trying to expand these historical disclosures beyond our borders and have been translating some of our reports to other languages, like the one about the fiscal mistreatment that Catalonia suffers since 1714. (You can find it in our website for free at

But this week I’m not only going to talk about history!!! My intention is to share with you my daily life, at work and out of it. This week is Easter, a short period of holidays during which Catalans do some sightseeing, eat “mones” (chocolate cakes) and attend  religious processions in little towns. Moreover, depending on the weather, it is the last opportunity to go skiing in the Pyrenees or the first time we can enjoy a day at the beach.


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