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Hey there!

My name’s Núria Gurina (@nuriagurina) and I’m chuffed to be this week’s curator at @CatalanVoices (from Monday September 18 to Sunday September 24).

I was born and raised in Barcelona, more specifically in a district called Sants, located on the south-western edge of the city and mostly known for still keeping the vibe of a little village in the metropolis and being a powerhouse of social movements.

My curiosity to explore the world brought me to Italy, Germany and the United Kingdom, but after a while abroad I came back home to fight my own battles. So here I am again, working and living in my native Barcelona where I combine the two activities which drive my life: contemporary art and community activism.

As a contemporary art professional, I work as a writer, curator and mediator developing projects which involve participation and activate empowerment. I regard the visual arts field as a space of freedom to rethink our current sociopolitical environment and as a great opportunity for reflection, debate, transformation and change. It won’t be difficult for you to spot me at one of the many exhibition openings which take place in Barcelona, or leading groups to visit artists’ studios and galleries. You can also follow my art essays at, where I try to put my thoughts in order, as well as on other digital and print media I collaborate with.

At @CatalanVoices I will be tweeting about my everyday life and work, so wherever I go and whatever I do you’ll be the first to know. I’m hoping that after my week’s curation I’ll have given you an insight into what’s brewing in the Barcelona’s art world and which social initiatives are currently blossoming in the neighbourhood I live in.

See you around!



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I am a writer, translator and lecturer in Translation Studies at the Autonomous University of Barcelona.

I have been very active as a translator into Catalan and, to a lesser extent, into Spanish, mainly of children’s books, from German, English, French, Italian and Spanish. I also work as an audiovisual translator.

My writing focuses on everyday violence, the difficulties people have to connect with each other and the strangeness of life. I became known as an author in 2010 when I received the Documenta Prize for my novel Una terra solitària and the Rovelló Essay Prize for my study Les heroïnes contrataquen. Models literaris contra l’universal masculí a la literatura infantil i juvenil. Two years later I received the Roc Boronat Prize for La mala reputació, a collection of short stories which was very well received by readers and critics alike. In 2016 I published another short stories collection, Vents més salvatges, the picture book Gegantíssima and I was awarded the Apel·les Mestres Prize for Viure amb la Hilda (i els seus inconvenients). In Vides aturades (2017) I portray the testimony of people seeking refuge in Europe. My most recent work Feminisme de butxaca reflects on gender discrimination in the 21st century.

I work in many branches of the cultural media and written press, including the daily Ara, the magazines Caràcters and Tentacles and the cultural websites Núvol and Catorze, among others. I also occasionally appear in radio and television programmes.

I was president of CEATL (European Council of Literary Translators’ Associations, 2013-2015), and from March 2015 I am president of Associació d’Escriptors en Llengua Catalana (AELC – Association of Catalan Language Writers).


Born in a small town near Barcelona, I spent my early years in close contact with country and woods before moving to the city at the age of 23. I graduated in Journalism and started a degree in Geography & Planning soon afterwards. I worked in media for a few years and then I suddenly decided to leave everything behind and move to Canada.

J’ai recommencé de zéro dans la superbe ville de Montréal, où j’ai habité pendant plus de trois ans. La période la plus stimulante, éprouvante et satisfaisante de ma vie. Avec un français de piètre qualité, j’ai réussi à trouver un emploi comme préposé de cinéma. Après un certain temps, j’ai eu l’occasion de devenir chargé de projet pour Greenpeace Canada et j’ai poursuivi mes études à l’Université du Québec à Montréal.

In early 2016, I started planning my return home, but only after completing a 2-month biking trip across North America. I left Montreal on June 24 and reached the US West Coast by early September. 5,614 km on two wheels, halting in cities like Toronto, Detroit, Chicago, Des Moines, Salt Lake City and San Francisco. As main interests, I would say that anything related to bikes falls directly to my field of passions, but generally I like everything which is readable, whatchable or listenable.

More specifically, I love great stories about discoveries and long-gone times. Road-sounding folk music and reading about history facts. It pushes me out of my daily routine and moves me to plan new horizons. Being a native speaker of Catalan and Spanish, I’m fluent in French and English, though I can hardly use my rusty Italian anymore, that I was pleased to learn during my Erasmus time in Swiss Ticino.

Je travaille présentement comme chargé culturel et de communication à l’Institut français de Barcelone, alors ma mission est de contribuer à la diffusion de la culture et de la langue françaises dans cette ville. Un travail qui me permet de rester en contact permanent avec une langue qui me tient à cœur et de faire connaître toutes ses diverses manifestations culturelles à mes compatriotes catalans.

Je suis donc ravi d’être l’une des prochaines @CatalanVoices. Je vais essayer d’ajouter un autre point de vue personnel à tout ce qui se passe autour de nous, dans notre context le plus immédiat et dans le monde entier, et cela en français et en anglais.

À bientôt,




My name is Hadar Ayxandri Sintorres (@hadarayxandri on Twitter), I am 36 and I am from Amposta, a city located in the southern region of Catalonia called Terres de l’Ebre.


I studied Pedagogy and then I focused on Public Law and Local Management. So my main professional background is as an Eduation and youth Policies manager although I got involved in International Trade in many business since I came back from in the USA where I was living a couple of years.


I am currently Coordinator of Villa Retiro Cooking School in Xerta, close to my hometown, boosted by the acknowledged chef Fran López, which owns 2 Michelin Stars in his two restaurants, so I will tweet about it because I love all the great work they are doing inside and outside the kitchen.


Beyond my professional issues, I am Catalan National Assembly volunteer and I have been elected twice as a National Secretary joining the International Board in order to help to spread and explain around the world the Catalan self-determination process, which is about to conclude in a binding independence referndum on october 1st. My bet? I will tweet about it as well …


I’ll be tweeting about terrorism unfortunately after Barcelona and Cambrils attacks, but I will also tweet about nature (my homeland Ebre river Delta is so gorgeous), food, motorcycles, politics, europe and global issues and some personal stuff.


It is a pleasure to be the curator of @catalanvoices for this week (aug28- sep3) contributing with my grain of sand to this amazing and diverse profile which gives you every week a different point of view about/from Catalonia.


See you on Twitter!


I am Killian Driscoll (@killiandriscoll), an archaeologist from Ireland living in the lovely Catalan seaside town of Vilanova i la Geltrú, 45 km south of Barcelona. I first moved to Catalonia in 2011 with my wife and children to take up a post-doctoral fellowship at the SERP (Seminari d’Estudis i Recerques Prehistòriques) University of Barcelona.

I have recently formed Artoba Tours, which offers bespoke, private tours of the archaeology of Barcelona and Catalonia. These tours, designed and led by myself, weave together the archaeology and history of Barcelona and Catalonia with today’s food and wine culture. With these tours, I’m promoting Catalonia’s rich archaeological, architectural, and gastronomic heritage, especially in encouraging tourists to see the magnificent Catalonia beyond just Barcelona.

During my week as curator for @catalanvoices I’ll be tweeting about the archaeology and history of Catalonia, Catalan food and wine, the environment, sustainable tourism, and other interesting tidbits.


My name is Manel Subirats (@msubirats in social media profiles)  and I am very excited to announced that I will be the curator of @CatalanVoices this week (from Monday 14th August to Sunday 20th August). Indeed, it’s a pleasure to participate on Catalan Voices.

I am a professional freelance photographer and an editor. I am also part of the @descobreixcatalunya community on Instagram that shares a collection of both amateur and professional photography of Catalonia. My relation with Instagram is similar of an old promised. From the beginning Instagram has occupied a place on my cell phone, but little by little the passion that unites me to it has been growing.

Beside my professional background, my personal interests are diverse, like travel, social media and obviously make videos and taking pictures of landscapes and cities around of the world and then post articles and photos of these travels in my media profiles.

As a curator of Catalan Voices I will be tweeting about my passions: Catalonia, social media, photography and travels, as well as my daily life. You can also visit my blog to know more of me.


Hi, I’m Antònia Folguera and I’m thrilled to be this week’s @catalanvoices curator.

I’m from a small village called Rosselló, 9 kilometers away from Lleida, where I was born, a city in the far west of Catalonia. I live and work in Barcelona though, and I consider myself a citizen of the internet, where you will find me in many platforms (twitter included) under the @bzzzbip name.

I have various jobs because I like to keep things interesting, but most of the time I work at Sónar+D, Sónar festival’s creative technologies conference, where I’m one of the curators and part of the communication team.

I also collaborate with @ovalsound and @reactable, two amazing music technology companies from Barcelona and the music label @disboot. I co-organize Dorkbot Barcelona, the community of “people doing strange things with electricity”, and I have a kind of irregular radio show at Frission Radio based on the female:pressure network, a community of women in electronic music (djs, producers…) and digital arts (visualists, coders, makers…)

I’m a music nerd and I’ve been called many times “a human or a living karaoke” so it’s very likely that I share a lot of music, mostly electronic though from time to time I may have a Sinatra moment.

I’m possibly the worst dj in the world, but that doesn’t stop people from inviting me to play music in diverse festivals and events. My speciality are abandoned factories, gardens, churches, occupied convents and other unusual places, I try to play music that fits the space, the time and the mood and that challenges people’s ears.

You can listen to some of my mixes in my Mixcloud and Soundcloud accounts and browse what i buy at Bandcamp (my favorite place for music discovery)

Beware: during my CatalanVoices curation period I’m on holidays at my village, so along with music there might be many pictures of cats, rural landscapes and some occasional tractor (I love tractors). I love computers too, so tweets about digital culture, code, programming languages, algorave, software and computational randomness might be frequent too.