Dear all,

My name is Xavier Abad Morejón de Girón (Twitter: @XavierAbadMdG; Instagram: https://www.instagram.com/fxavierabad/) and I will be the curator of @CatalanVoices this week (from Monday June 19 to Sunday June 25). Indeed, it’s a pleasure to participate on Catalan Voices.

I was born more than 50 years ago in the town of Barcelona, in the downtown, back de City Hall building, and this half a century only has moved my foot one kilometre away, to the Poble Sec neighbourhood.

I am Laboratory Manager and Biosafety Officer in a High Biosafety Level facility, CReSA (http://www.cresa.cat/cresa3/default.asp), Centre de Recerca en Sanitat Animal, from IRTA, Institut de Recerca i Tecnologies Agroalimentàries. So, I have to take care of the facility, our bad bugs (the pathogens) and the good bugs (ourselves). Obviously, my academic background is in Biology (PhD degree on environmental virus persistence at Universitat de Barcelona, 1994) and specifically in Microbiology and more in deep in virology. I also did a Post-Graduate in Quality at Laboratories (Les Heures, Universitat de Barcelona) and few years ago a Master in Leadership in Science and Innovation (by the Barcelona School of Management & Universitat Pompeu Fabra). My research interests concentrate on persistence of animal and human viruses in the environment, with particular attention to water, fomites and foods, and the inactivation and removal procedures for assuring the viral safety of blood derivatives, cosmetics and foods, and, also, how to render samples or materials non-infectious previously its exit from a biocontainment unit. Biocontainment and biosafety issues in microbiological research laboratories, among others, and the relationship of such issues with quality tools and frames are also focus of my interest. Although right now I’m not producing a lot of scientific papers some time ago I used to do it (see Research Gate https://www.researchgate.net/profile/Xavier_Abad_Morejon_de_Giron).

Beside my professional background, my personal interests are diverse…and quite disperse. I love reading, but it’s quite difficult to get the time for it. I also love drawing, listening music, travelling, bird watching, cinema, to enjoy good meals and tasting wines and bears with friends, my partner…or alone. In fact, I’m deeply expert in go inside my “nothing box” for a while. And I also love to communicate to open public virology, public health and biosafety issues (in Catalan, Spanish and English) through CReSA & the city blog (http://www.cresa.cat/blogs/sociedad/).

As a curator of Catalan Voices I will be tweeting about my passions: virology, biosafety, biosecurity, and Catalan politics, and my daily life in Barcelona. You can also visit my blog (but it is exclusively in Catalan language) where such stuffs are discussed more in deep in plain words: www.comentarisviruslents.org

I hope you have a good week!!


Ignasi Centelles

Hello everyone / Bonjour / Dag / Hola / Bo dia!

I’ve heard of the pioneering swedish expirence of weekly curation (@Sweden ) and I was thrilled with the possibility of  contributing at Catalan Voices when it came up. (Yes, I’m Catalan, not Swedish so I knew my chances to curate for @sweden where very limited). It took a while but it seems it is now my turn to share thoughts, opinions and views with you. For a week, I’ll do it at @CatalanVoices instead of at @ignasics.

For you to have an idea of who I am, note that I am currently living between 3 cities, Brussels (for work, I am the coordinator of the think tank Centre Maurits Coppieters), Santiago de Compostela (for love) and Barcelona (because it is the coolest city worldwide) so my life is mostly about logistics these days.

I plan to tweet a bit about European & international affairs, art, activism, and about Barcelona & Catalonia. I guess I will also tweet on Sonar 2017 (my favorite Barcelona music festival, taking place as we speak) since I’m planning to attend, yuhu!

I hope you find my week entertaining and help me spread the word with a few RT !




Ex Lux lux! (or: Hi there!)

My name is Jelena Bulić and it will be a great pleasure to be curating @CatalanVoices this week in June. I am a Croatian living in the small Grand Duchy of Luxembourg. I was born in Zagreb in the early eighties, where I studied Italian, English and Portuguese language and literature and where I got my PhD in Comparative Literature on the topic of travel writing. While I was still living in Zagreb I also worked as a translator of comics from French and Italian. Amongst other things, I translated an interesting feminist Brazilian novel from the 1930s (Pagu’s Industrial Park) and got a diploma in Women’s studies.

In 2014 I moved to Luxembourg to start my job as a translator at the European Parliament and soon after became a full pledged member of the Catalan community (you all know the story… a boy from Vilanova i la Geltrú meets a girl from Zagreb, the girl learns immediately Catalan, starts reading Dark Vales by Raimon Casellas and falls in love with Vilanova and Catalan language and culture). Now, the Catalan Centre of Luxembourg has become my second home, with all the great concerts and events it organises.

In 2016 I went back to studying, this time literary mediation at the University of Lorraine in Metz, France, in order to make people read more. Or at least try. One of these attempts took place a bit more than a month ago at the Catalan Centre where I organised a small exposition and gave a talk about foreign travel writers to Catalonia until the 1930s. You can check it out at https://booksandroses.cat/en/events/2017-sant-jordi-in-luxembourg/.

During my week as curator for @CatalanVoices I will post about (my) reading habits in regard to Catalan literature, travel writers who visited Catalonia in the past and my daily translator-reader experiences from Lëtzebuerg.


Hello everyone! I’m Isaac Zamora i Sitjà, I’ve been asked to be your “Catalan Voice” for one week.

I’m a graphic designer/illustrator and I work for a small Japanese company in Kawasaki, Japan.

I’m BA ( Hons ) in Graphic Design by the University of Central Lancashire, and BA ( Hons ) in Fine Arts by the University of Barcelona.

My Internet nickname is “Tobuushi”, Tobuushi means “Flying Cow ” in Japanese.

When I was little I used to ask my parents to buy me a new bike; I was quite annoying. My mum used to say: “you’re going to get a new bike when cows fly.” For me, seeing flying cows meant seeing my dreams come true.

Now I live in Japan, a lot of my dreams did eventually come true, even a new bike.

I’m married to a very kind and beautiful woman, and I have two lovely kids. But I still have many more dreams, many more “flying cows”.

For me, the best way to make dreams come true is to use our imagination. This is what my work is all about, using imagination to create works that make dreams come true.

During this week, I’ll try to show you all my vision of Japan as a Catalan living in this amazing country for almost 13 years.

http://tobuushi.blogspot.jp ( my personal blog in Catalan )

https://www.behance.net/tobuushi-design ( my online portfolio )

Mitad del Mundo

My name is Salvador Anton Clavé (@SalvadorAntonC) and I will be the curator of @CatalanVoices this week. I was born in the town of Vila-seca, in the pleasant Camp de Tarragona area, where I live.

I am Professor at the Rovira i Virgili University where I am the Principal Investigator of the Research Group in Territorial Analysis and Tourism Studies (http://www.urv.cat/en/). My academic background is in Geography and my research interest concentrates on analyzing how places are transformed by tourism mobilities as well as on understanding the effects of these mobilities on economic development, social transformation, place attractiveness and urban competition at different scales (http://moveturproject.org/). Some of my work is about tourism destinations evolution (https://www.routledge.com/Tourism-Destination-Evolution/Brouder-Clave-Gill-Ioannides/p/book/9781472453990), tourism geographies research (http://www.emeraldinsight.com/doi/pdfplus/10.1108/S1571-5043%282013%290000019012) or the globalization of the theme park industry (http://www.cabi.org/bookshop/book/9781845932084).

I currently serve as Director of the Doctoral Program in Tourism and Leisure (http://www.doctor.urv.cat/futurs-estudiants/oferta/7714/en_index/) and as Director of Research at the Science and Technology Park for Tourism and Leisure of Catalonia (http://www.pct-turisme.cat/eng/). I have recently been Visiting Research Scholar at the International Institute of Tourism Studies at the George Washington University in Washington DC (http://business.gwu.edu/blogs/how-good-urban-planning-is-critical-to-successful-tourism-an-interview-with-visiting-research-scholar-salvador-anton-clave/). During this time I was living in Bethesda, in the beautiful Maryland, with my wife and my daughter.

Beside my professional background, my personal interests are diverse. I am currently reading a David Abulafia´s book about the struggle for the dominion of Western Mediterranean during the Middle Ages and the role of the Catalan kings entitled The Western Mediterranean Kingdoms 1200-1500: The Struggle for Dominion (https://books.google.es/books/about/The_Western_Mediterranean_Kingdoms_1200.html?id=aFomAQAAMAAJ&redir_esc=y). I also love hiking, listening music, traveling and tasting wines and teas with friends.

This week I will be tweeting about mobilities, tourism, cities, public spaces and my daily life. I hope you enjoy my tweets.



My name is Carlos Carrasco (@ccfarre) and I will be your curator this week. I am researcher at IESE Business School (proudly part of the IESE Cities in Motion research group: www.iese.edu/cim) and Partner – Chief Data Scientist at EIXOS (@eixoscat and www.eixos.cat), a company focused on discovering economic patterns in cities using amazing data.

I was born in Barcelona and I have lived here since then. However, I have also lived in London and Boston for study purposes (at the London School of Economics and Havard University respectively). My background is in political science (I studied at Pompeu Fabra University) but soon I turned into economics and strategy with a special focus in urban development. In case you are not familiar with these issues, I would recommend you to learn a little bit more about it. Do you know that for the first time in history more than half of the human population lives in cities and that our urban areas generate more than 80% of the global GDP? If at the end of the week you think “I need to learn more about cities”, I would have succeeded because cities are one of the more fascinating human creations!

Beside my professional background, I love to read and enjoy good meals. I have to admit that my reading habits are kind of freak: I love academic papers so I’m extremely lucky to have a perfect intersection between my professional and personal life! In addition to feeding my brain, I love to feed my stomach. I enjoy cooking every day and going out for eating with my girlfriend or friends and discuss about politics, economics or science while we share a good wine or cocktails.

As a curator of Catalan Voices I will be tweeting about my passions: cities, technology, data analysis, food and my daily life in Barcelona. You can also visit my webpage to learn more about my work: www.ccfarre.com

Welcome to my world!

profile pic Forcadell

Hi there! My name is Montserrat Forcadell and I am delighted to be your @CatalanVoices curator for this week. I currently live in Barcelona, a fantastic city, but I’m proud to share with you that my hometown is Riudoms, a small town in Tarragona, where the greatest architect on Earth (at least to me) was born. Gaudí was baptised in Reus, but he drew his first breath in Mas de la Calderera, his parent’s country house in the municipal boundary of Riudoms (I’ll be more than happy to give more detailed facts to anyone interested via Twitter @montseforcadell or mail forcadell.montse@gmail.com.)

I’m a lecturer (Associate Professor) at the Universitat de Barcelona, where I teach English linguistics. In fact, I moved to Barcelona to teach at the Faculty of Translation and Interpreting at the Universitat Pompeu Fabra, after having taught English at several secondary schools in Catalonia, mainly in the Tarragona area, and following a year spent in the UK completing a Master’s degree in Theoretical Linguistics at the University of Reading (more famous for the summer festival held in town rather than its great campus and faculties). I also hold a PhD in Applied Linguistics from the UPF.

For those of you into Linguistics (otherwise you may skip this paragraph altogether), my main academic fields of interest are Pragmatics (information packaging), Prosody (intonation patterns and sentence accent), and Applied Linguistics (contrastive English/Catalan marked structures). Here are some of my articles to give you an idea of the focus of my research: “Subject informational status and word order: Catalan as an SVO Language”, Journal of Pragmatics, 2013; Structural change in Catalan discourse, Studies in Language, 2014; “The translation into Catalan of marked structures in King Lear”, Zeitschrift für romanische Philologie, 2014; “Seqüències no desaccentuables en català: prosòdia aliena en el català de TV3”, Estudis Romànics, 2015; “Catalan pronominalisation and information structure: the role of primary accent”, Catalan Review, 2015; and “New prosodic patterns in Catalan: information structure and (de)accentability”, Journal of Pragmatics, 2016. Currently, I am also interested in how to tackle contrastive English/Catalan marked structures so that university students might have a better understanding and command of them, especially when they involve prosodic factors linked to primary accent position, which in Catalan plays a central role in the mapping of its syntax, and its language typology in general.

Nowadays, I’m quite worried about the health of Catalan. Most of my academic publications are intended to shed some light on what I think is the effect of the massive pressure Spanish is putting on Catalan, so that linguists might be aware of the need to address certain syntactic issues asap, unless we don’t mind Catalan developing into a “language” with Catalan lexical items, but a Spanish syntactic structure.

Those who are still reading will have realised that the study of Language (and of Catalan specifically) is one of my passions. Another is fighting for Catalonia’s secession from Spain. But all this would be a bit dry without the pleasures of (good) wine tasting with friends (I’ve done a million tastings but have learnt very little!), skiing and snowboarding, furniture and interior design (just looking) and great food (just eating; cooking is a project that is still pending, as some of my friends are too good at it for me to get motivated to start!).

I hope you follow me on Twitter this week and contact me about any issue you like. It would be great to make new acquaintances!